“We leverage the management resources of the Ping An Group to make investments that will serve as a bridge between Japanese companies and the Chinese market.”

Based on this principle and to fulfill our mission statement, Ping An Japan Investment Co., Ltd. started its activities in November 2015. Over the past six years, we have provided billions to tens of billions of Japanese yen per company to our parent company in Japan and joint ventures with Ping An Group in China to support their growth in Japan and to pursue synergies with the Ping An Group.

Ping An Group has a customer base of several hundred million people and provides not only insurance but also banking and securities services. In particular, the Ping An Group has developed Fintech and online healthcare services using proprietary technology, and through these platform businesses has earned a global reputation as a digitally strong financial institution with a vast amount of customer data.

For many Japanese companies, the Chinese market is both attractive and difficult to penetrate. We hope that Ping An Group will provide Japanese companies with the opportunity to leverage its capital, customer base, big data, and global network to achieve growth together.

Ping An Japan Investment Co., Ltd.

Takeshi Nakabayashi, Representative Director