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Investment record « PING AN JAPAN INVESTMENT

Investment record

Ping An Group's investment record in Japan

Company name: Ascott Co.

Industry: Real estate development

Integrated real estate service provider that provides value to real estate companies, investors, and others through the development of a wide range of asset types, including residential, office, and logistics, and the use of financial techniques. 3 investments in total in May 2016, April 2017, and December 2020.

Company name: Tsumura Corporation

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Japan's top pharmaceutical company in terms of market share in medical Kampo products; invested in October 2017 and established a joint venture in Shenzhen in June 2018.

Company name: Shionogi & Co.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical company with strengths in infectious diseases, pain, and the central nervous system; invested in March 2020; established joint ventures in Hong Kong in August 2020 and Shanghai in November 2020.

Company name: KOSAIDO Holdings Co., Ltd.

Industry: Funeral services/Information/Human Resources

A holding company that manages businesses including Funeral, information, and HR segment.
Also known for its subsidiary Tokyohakuzen Co., Ltd. which operates crematoriums and funeral venues (crematoriums that also function as venues for funeral ceremonies) at six locations in Tokyo. Invested in January 2022.