Target Industry Segments

We target the following industry segments. These segments are;

  1. The demand in China is huge
  2. The synergy with PING AN Group is clear and strong

Therefore, we are confident to contribute to our portfolio companies to increase their sales revenue and income.

Consumer products and services

  • Consumer products such as home care products
  • Cosmetic
  • Apparel
  • Products with international brands
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer electronics

Medical health care

  • Medical and pharmaceutical technologies and equipment
  • Pharma and biotech product development and manufacturing
  • Nursing
  • Health care products and services
  • Anti-aging products and services
  • Beauty care products and services
  • Fitness

Food and agricultural products

  • Traditional Japanese food such as Sake
  • Supplements as well as functional and organic food
  • Seeds

New agricultural and farming technologies