Message from CEO

For a lot of Japanese companies, China and Chinese people bring in huge sales opportunities to sell Japanese products and services.
Ping An Japan Investment provides the strategic supports and the fund for Japanese companies to capture such market demands.

We frequently meet with the companies that have the following issues.

・The expansion into Chinese market is necessary since the company cannot grow if it stays only in Japanese domestic market.

・The existing business in China has many problems and finding the new sales channels and the partners is urgent.

・The internal resources are too small and underfunded to accelerate the business in China.

PING AN Group is a non-state leading financial organization with huge financial & business assets and global recognition. As part of PING AN Group, Ping An Japan Investment will help portfolio companies address these issues by providing the fund as well as the partnership opportunities.

We look forward to working not only as financial investor but also as powerful business partner serving our portfolio companies to make great successes in the business China.

Ping An Japan Investment

Takeshi Nakabayashi